"a lifesaver"


"They truly care..."

"above and beyond for clients"

"I sleep better at night"

Martin Moseley, Owner

Moseley Family Cellars

HR, payroll, etc. are practices you don't want to risk getting wrong, and Brooke Winter HR makes us confident that we're doing everything correctly. Not only are they on point in terms of legalities, latest regulations, paperwork, communication, etc., but they are a member of our dream team! They work incredibly well with our staff and are available to help in all sorts of ways, especially when things take an unexpected turn. They are also helping us align ourselves with our future vision and dreams. I am 100% confident in Brooke and her team, and wish all our small business friends to engage her - she makes a world of difference!

Dr. Todd Royse, Owner

Chiropractic First

We thought we knew everything we needed to know about HR until we met Brooke.  She has incredible wisdom for growing our business and creating a cohesive team.  When we have staff challenges we talk with her, and she gives us insight in to what the staff member might be experiencing - everyone wins and we grow together. By diving into our heart, vision, mission, culture and team members, she is helping us improve project management and reduce turnover. She has  a unique approach, bringing new ideas because of her youth, while at the same time possessing an old school wisdom for what makes people tick. Hiring Brooke is one of the best decisions we've made in 22 years of business. 

Evan Garber, President


We've been in business for nearly 20 years and have 25 employees. For us, HR has been one of those things that was always pushed to 'later' but 'later' never came. To me, HR was a big, complex job that would require us to significantly increase our administrative overhead. I also knew that without good HR processes, we were open to all kinds of employee liability. Brooke was the perfect answer for us. She is a high-level HR professional who laid out a plan for us to get the basic HR infrastructure in place, then helped us take it to a level of excellence.


Because Brooke knew exactly what needed to be done and did most of it for us, most of my efforts were spent communicating to our staff on all of the new resources and procedures as we rolled them out. Brooke even helped us produce professional videos of our significant processes to make on-boarding new employees, and training existing teammates even more effective.


I sleep better at night knowing that our HR processes are excellent and that if anything comes up, Brooke is there to help us. Brooke is a talented professional, caring individual, and a joy to work with! I highly recommend Brooke to anyone who needs to get their HR function in order.

Dawn Bulchandani, Owner


Brooke is an excellent and astute listener. She gave me a great strategic overview for hiring the right person for our needs, but also included adequate detail so that I could fine-tune the process to our specific ethos.

Megan Spaulding, Owner

Brand Science

Brooke is AMAZING at what she does!  So knowledgable, professional, and extremely thoughtful in handling tough HR situations.  She truly knows her stuff, and goes above and beyond for her clients.  She truly cares about the companies she works with, and is brilliant in her guidance.

Rebekah LaRobardiere, Owner

Sex & Relationship Coaching

Brooke Winter HR Consulting is a lifesaver.  They are extremely professional yet still very approachable and relatable.  Brooke and her team stay current with new and upcoming rules and regulations that will impact businesses.  They are proactive.