• Brooke Winter

Employer Resources for COVID-19

*last updated 3/15/2020

Employer Resources:

CDC - Guidance for Businesses and Employers

Cal/OSHA Guidance on Requirements to Protect Workers

California EDD Guidance

California Governor Press Release

CA Dept. of Public Health - Stay Informed

Employers and Business Owners,

I wanted to take a few moments to address the current spread and concern of Covid-19 and how you as an employer can be prepared.

There is a lot of information going around about what precautions the general public can take as preventive measures against the virus but as business owners, there are several other factors to consider.

Staying informed and communicating is going to be very important during this time of uncertainty. You may have some employees who are fearful or concerned and some employees who may believe this is all over-hyped nonsense. Regardless of opinions, taking the time to connect with your entire team and create a plan will be critical for workplace cohesion and the success of your business.

As always, we are here for your questions or concerns but I strongly advise you take time now to review the resources attached. Begin thinking through strategies and contingency plans so you can model peace and preparedness to your staff at a time when others may fall into chaos.

I would also like to leave you with this last thought:

Being prepared and being fearful are two very different things.

Remain hopeful and stay informed,

Brooke Winter

Owner, Founder of Brooke Winter HR Consulting